Grain Drying

Grain Drying


Keeping livestock and personnel warm during severe weather is an absolute must in the agriculture world. If your livestock are stuck out in the cold with nowhere warm to go, consider renting a flameless heater from Therm Dynamics.

Having a dry, clean and safe environment is imperative in agricultural industries. A flameless heater from Therm Dynamics is the safest heater for agricultural purposes. Flameless heaters are diesel fuel heaters that do not produce any flame and provide hours of warmth and ability to keep agricultural equipment from freezing over.


We supply a vast array of flameless heaters for agricultural use. We offer flameless heating rental options along with a full purchasing option. We take the time to get to know you and your heating situation in order to be able to effectively fulfill your needs for a flameless heater. All of our flameless heaters are safe, reliable, and portable heaters which make them easy to transport to different locations.

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Each of our facilitators has spent over 15 years in leadership development across various industries all over the world, with deep expertise in change management, conflict resolution, gender and cultural diversity, and community development. We draw from both our team and strategic partners to bring the best consultants and field experts to your project.

We deliver all over Australia and can tailor our programs with varying degrees of physicality and emotional intelligence to meet your objectives.

Agricultural Uses for Flameless Heating:

  • Temporary heating for shops and farm buildings
  • Machinery pre-heating
  • Emergency heat
  • Livestock building sanitization
  • Drying out grain

Therm Dynamics flameless heaters used in the agriculture industry are certified to CSA/UL standards.

Customer Testimonials

  • "Nov 21, 2016

    We are excited to test the unit's performance as our peers at United speak highly of the product.

    Best regards,"

    Joe Griffith, Technical Analyst | Delta Air Lines | Ground Support Equipment Read More
  • "We've been very impressed with the performance and versatility of our Therm Dynamics heater. We have 8 units and they are the most cost-effective method we have found. When our competitors are shut down around the country because of foul weather, we are operating in full production! We would recommend the use of these units for not only anyone in our particular trade, but in all applications."

    David Grant, President WESTAR Inc. Read More
  • "We do not see any health hazard in the operation of this portable heater."

    Department of the Air Force Read More
  • "We were very satisfied with the performance of the unit. At times we ran the unit 24 hours a day with no attendant present and no maintenance needed other than routine oil changes and adding fuel. This portable heater allowed us to have temporary heat and continue working during the coldest winter days with no fire danger or air pollution in the work area."

    Greg Carmon-Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc. Read More
  • "Everyone who uses your heater or even see it in operation is very impressed. They are amazed at the difference in the quality of heat from your heater. If we ever need additional heaters you can rest assured it will be from Therm Dynamics."

    Kelly Patterson-Skyhaven Air Service Read More
  • "The Alaska Railroad relies on Therm Dynamics heaters to keep their remote rail siding switches operating during the harsh Alaskan winters with temperatures ranging from 20 degrees to minus 60 degrees."

    Michael Williams-Craig Taylor Equipment Company Read More
  • "We were very pleased with the reliability and performance of this heating unit. The workers were very pleased to be working in an environment that was free from contaminates in the air and maintaining a temperature that was comfortable in which to work."

    Cynthia Friessen Monnin-Friessen Construction Read More
  • "We were asked several times how the flameless hydraulic heater from Therm Dynamics compares with the other conventional flame or electric heaters. Just two words sum it up-it doesn’t! There is just simply no comparison. The safety and uncontaminated air alone is reason enough to understand why our employees prefer to use your heater. Consider this an order for one more!"

    Thomas J. Meyer-Professional Flight Services Read More